Our Clients

Obviously we don’t know precisely who you are, yet here are some things that may be true about you if you’re a Heart-Led Parent.

  • You want parenting to be fun and rewarding (at a soul level), yet are having trouble achieving these results.
  • You believe in concepts like attachment parenting or the continuum concept but don’t have support to follow through on your intentions.
  • You regularly follow your heart yet feel besieged by a culture that devalues what you hold to be sacred.
  • You resonate with books such as Radical Parenting, Everyday Blessings, Simplicity Parenting, The Continuum Concept, Attachment Parenting, Unconditional Parenting, etc. (Or these books intrigue you.)
  • You want better relationships with your children than you had with your parents (even if those relationships were mostly positive).
  • You want love to be your greatest legacy for your children and you readily invest yourself in your own growth as a person and parent.